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Pin Zheng Holding

About Pin Zheng Holdings Bhd

As a key enterprise under IBN Group, Pin Zheng Holdings (Malaysia) Berhad focuses mainly on the construction of overseas projects, ensuring these projects are designed to be marketed both locally and internationally.

Pin Zheng Holdings Bhd was formed in Hong Kong. It has a large group of professional and competitive individuals from various fields including building designers, city designers, mechanical and electronic engineers and consultants that constantly seek to equip themselves with construction management skills and the latest technical skills, exploring the best possible way to implement and manage international marketing. This enables them to provide extensive construction services for residential projects, commercial areas, hotels, complexes, industrial parks and others.

The Company’s key businesses include being a general contractor for big development projects, machinery and electricity, and construction management. Some of the signature projects are IBN Highlands City in Pahang, Bumico Building Material Mall in Subang Jaya, Green City in Selangor, Love Ocean in Kuantan, 8-Conlay in Kuala Lumpur (collaborated with IBN MCC Bhd), and Green Technology Park in Pekan.

Pin Zheng Holdings Bhd strives to be one of the most reliable value-chain construction and engineering enterprises in Asia, providing its clients with professional construction project management services such as building life cycle analysis and total cost management. The Company aims to provide excellent construction services by implementing lean management to improve their construction management capability, contributing to the development of well-designed cities and townships across the world.