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[Touring Genting Highlands with Eric Moo] EP.6
Date: 02 December 2020   Published by: IBN
IBN Highland City Ambassador Eric Woo

What is the most romantic thing during the journey? Watch the most beautiful sunrises and sunsets with your loved ones, and walk freely in the ice and snow. Although the destinations are different, happiness and romance always run through every trip.

The Genting Highlands are Malaysia's largest and most famous entertainment center and summer resort. Here, the mountains overlap with green trees, lush flowers, and fresh air. You can experience the "winter" of tropical countries, this wonderful journey will be unforgettable for a lifetime!

Genting Highlands - famous entertainment center and summer resort.
In this episode of Touring Genting Highlands with Eric Moo, we will explore Snow World and Arena Of Stars.
Snow World in Genting Highlands

Genting Highlands is famous for its cooling weather, and Snow World has become a unique feature and is especially popular with tourists.

Snow World was opened in 2003, closed in 2011 and cost RM 15 million for a comprehensive renovation and upgrade. After its reopening on August 31, 2013, the new Snow World occupies an area of 22,800 square feet. The spacious snow room can accommodate 250 tourists at a time. The temperature is maintained at minus 6 degrees Celsius. It is comparable to a winter wonderland in Europe and is known as Malaysia's largest "Snow Scenic Spot".

Snow World in Genting Highlands

The highlights are of the wooden house, the vaulted igloo, rapid skiing and snow play area. Although it is an artificially created snow world, the realistic snowfall, sub-zero environment and various snow facilities is enough to make people truly feel the cold in winter! The atmosphere in winter is even stronger walking on the snowy streets and unique lighting effects, you can instantly experience the gorgeous changes of Snow World from day to night, creating a near-real winter world.

Snow World in Genting Highlands

Step into the snow paradise full of snow, you can sled, snowball battles, or stand on the 3D art wall to take pictures and check in... Fully experience the fun of dancing with ice and snow. The air is cold in the sub-zero snow world, but the water in the rainforest paddling pool is very warm. It is definitely a children’s favorite.

For Malaysia, which is hot all year round, Snow World is indeed a curious presence. In order to appreciate the charm of snow, the owner of IBN Highlands City, Chinese music superstar Eric Moo, and his family will come here to experience it.

Arena of Stars

Arena of Stars is located next to the Theme Park Hotel in Genting Highlands. It is a venue that can accommodate 6,000 people. Many Chinese and foreign singers often hold concerts here. There will also be awards ceremonies, Malaysia beauty pageants, My Astro Music Awards and other big events.

The first performance here was a concert by Sally Yeh and George Lam in January 1998. At present, many artists such as Sammi Cheng, G.E.M , Elton John, Joey Yung, Jolin Tsai, and Terry Lin have left their performance trails in Arena of Stars. Fortunately, you may come here to have a wonderful concert and a wonderful audio-visual feast.

Arena of Stars

It is worth mentioning that, whether attending concerts or awarding events, the Chinese music superstar Eric Moo has been in and out of the Arena of Stars many times.

Eric Moo held a concert at the Arena of Stars
Eric Moo held a concert at the Arena of Stars

In addition, there is a long escalator from the theater lobby to the Genting Casino. On both sides are still photos of Chinese stars, such as Jeff Chang, Priscilla Chan, BEYOND, Jimmy Lin, Nicholas Tse and etc. Each familiar face classic shape can evoke countless amazing memories of time.

Your Home Your Resort

A good trip is always unforgettable. Even if the trip is over, we are always on the road. Whether it is to see the splendor of "winter" at Snow World, or to enjoy international performances and singers' concerts at the Arena of Stars. Every moment of fun in Genting Highlands is unforgettable.

IBN Highland City - Your Home Your Resort

IBN Highlands City is a billion-dollar project developed by IBN Corp Ltd. Located in Asia’s largest summer retreat – Genting Highlands, this mixed-use development project integrates serviced apartment, commercial area and 5-star hotel to form a luxury property second to none within that area. The project has a total built-up area of 780,000 m2 with the serviced apartments taking up 580,000 m2 and the commercial area taking up 28,000 m2. Start a new and exciting vacation life here.

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Eric Moo visited the site of IBN Highlands City project
Eric Moo visited the site of IBN Highlands City project
Please stay tuned for our【Touring Genting Highlands with Eric Moo】series to learn more about Genting Highlands
Malaysia·IBN Highlands City

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  • RM172 billion invested for Greater Kuala Lumpur Programme
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