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IBN Bukit Bintang Is Set To Be Launched Soon!
Date: 15 February 2019   Published by: IBN
A successful joint venture (JV) for IBN Bukit Bintang development project

The Joint Venture Agreement Signing Ceremony for IBN Bukit Bintang was held at Kee Sern, Siu & Huey law firm in Kuala Lumpur on 2 February 2019.

The JV marks the commencement of a new partnership between the land owner – KKH Pavilion Development Sdn Bhd (represented by its Chairman, Dato’ Sri Kok Kuan Hwa) and the project developer IBN Corp (represented by its Chairman). The signing ceremony was witnessed by attorney Liu Qisheng, attorney Ye Zhihui, Dato’ Seri Michael Yang, a member of Malaysia royal family, Megat and the Director of APHEM Charitable and Educational Foundation, Jaya.

IBN Bukit Bintang

IBN Bukit Bintang is located in Kuala Lumpur city centre, neighbouring the Petronas Twin Towers. The project is surrounded by well-developed commercial area that offers a wide range of facilities, amenities and food options. IBN Bukit Bintang has a total built-up area of 730,062 sq.ft, a total building height of 325m with each floor having a standard height of 3.5m and a total of 68 floors (including a basement). Upon completion, it will become a top 5 tallest building in Kuala Lumpur that offers luxury homes with panoramic view of the capital city.

Service apartment

IBN Bukit Bintang aims to create a luxurious service apartment in Kuala Lumpur city centre by engaging with renowned international hotel brands and property management company as well as providing top-notch facilities such as infinity pool and some other distinct features, which will be revealed soon.

The successful JV Signing Ceremony marks an important milestone achieved for the development project. With its launch that is coming soon, IBN Bukit Bintang is set to be an iconic landmark in Malaysia that will impress the public!