Empower the poor, disadvantaged and underprivileged to transform their lives for the better and shape the societies with sustainable initiatives infused with core values of love, responsibility and high integrity.

About IBN Care

IBN Care is a non-profit charitable organisation that is committed to improve the quality of life of local communities. As the corporate responsibility and philanthropic platform for IBN, we believe in growing a sustainable environment by promoting social development and economic growth. Our projects are mainly targeted at alleviating poverty and empowering the disadvantaged and underprivileged. At IBN Care, we embrace core values of trust, love, equality, integrity, responsibility and sustainability throughout our initiatives while promoting the spirit of giving back to society and volunteerism.

About Happy Nest

Happy Nest is a development centre that provides shelter and basic living skills training for children with mental disabilities from Persatuan Kebajikan Kanak-Kanak Istimewa Insan Wilayah Kuala Lumpur and Selangor (PKKII). It also acts as a conduit for parents, non-profitable organisations, public agencies and private businesses to work together towards common goals.