Who We Are

Corporate Message

Construction and development are part and parcel of every city in the world. In fact, building homes and structures have always been the human culture since ancient civilisation. A well-designed building can be the heart of one city, making its mark in the history of mankind. As a property developer, we from the IBN Corp, are obligated to contribute our resources to build a better city. Our projects are carefully designed by professionals, ensuring they are unique, sustainable and comfortable for people to live in.

In this era of economy globalisation, we have developed new strategies and vision to expand our market and stay competitive, striving to be one of the leaders in this industry. We take pride in our ability to offer a wide array of high-quality products and services including development of world class residences, cultural tourism and entertainment, commercial and others, providing a complete development solution in our international projects.

Under the Belt and Road Initiative, we are constantly exploring ways to enter the foreign construction and development market. Using our operating principles of “Continuous Innovation & Quality Development”, we hope to complete various international projects successfully and show to the world that China has the ability to penetrate and compete in foreign market. Currently, our company is experiencing rapid growth as a result of economy globalisation. With good resource management coupled with the uprising property development market of Southeast Asia, we are ready to take on the challenge to become a world’s top property developer!

Business Philosophy
To deliver development projects with significant economic and social value for communities and partners
We prioritise health and safety in our workplace and our projects meet the required safety standards
We strive to be one of the best constructions and property developers in the industry
Quality Assurance
Our projects are innovative and unique
To uphold the core value of integrity in delivering innovative and high-quality solutions
Talent Development
We develop and nurture the talents of our staff