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ChinaRii Pictures

ChinaRii Chuangzhan Media (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. is a renowned privately owned enterprise engaged in comprehensive media. It made its debut in the film industry with the movie – Parasitic Brain which won the Company the Best Production Team 2016 at Beijing International Film Festival. With an experienced production team, the Company focuses on movie production for cinemas and internet platforms, which includes producing short films, premium promotional videos for enterprises and TVCs. As a newcomer in the media industry, ChinaRii Chuangzhan Media has a demonstrated its vigor by combining innovation, production and advertising.

Content First

ChinaRii Chuangzhan Media is well-known for producing movies with creative contents in the industry. It incubates quality intellectual property (IP) that are sustainable, and utilises both online and offline interactive marketing to convert and integrate the values of traditional contents with new contents. The Company upholds the principle of merging business with art in the most effective and perfect way.

Enhanced Consumer Experience

By analysing precision marketing via big data and extensively explore popular contents, the Company is able to form a comprehensive understanding of its audiences, which allows it to optimise value and secure high Click-Through Rate for their internet-based movies. The analytics can ensure that the movie is always a hit in the market, thus maximising its value and enhancing customer experience.

Professional Team

The Company grows through accumulation of talents and copyrights. With a professional team that is comprised of experienced movie director, scriptwriters and production crew that works closely to establish a harmonious cooperation with connections in the industry to deliver creative contents and build-up the Company’s resources, including a network of actors and actresses, IP and others.

Market Segmentation

All concepts and themes are very valuable in the movie production industry that can be exploited and used to produce new movies. Market segmentation is utilised to categorise all of these relevant concepts and themes, allowing the Company to reach out to a wider target market to ensure it can continue to grow and expand.

Movie Review
Deadly Treasure Hunt

In the first year after the People’s Republic of China was created, Jin Sansheng colluded with corrupted officers to squander money and oppress the people. At the same time, a group of bandits with a secret mission infiltrated the city, stealing from the rich to help the poor. As the plot continues to escalate, the secret mission was unravelled, leading to an unexpected ending.

Parasitic Brain

This movie started with the sudden disappearance of a biological science researcher, Dr Wu Yixin after the 2045 Initiative conference has ended. When Dr Wu was found later in an alley, she was pregnant and had lost all of her memories. As Dr Wu seeks to solve all these mysteries surrounding her and her father’s secret identity, she realised she is hunted by a group of viscous underground gang. Through her encounter with a crazy doctor, Gan Zhou, she slowly uncovers the astonishing truth to these mysteries.

Mrs. Agent 007

When a student was found missing within the school compound, an extraordinary female agent was sent undercover to investigate the case. The movie involves a lot of funny and touching scenes and it was premiered exclusively on iQiyi on 29 March 2017.

ChinaRii Electricity

Established in 2010 with a registered capital of RMB 20 million, Shenzhen ChinaRii Electricity Technology Co., Ltd specialises in the R&D, production, sales, installation and technical services of complete sets of high-voltage and low-voltage switching devices as well as manufacturing of metal plates. The Company assures that all its products meet international standard as it has obtained the qualification certificate issued by Guangdong Electronic & Mechanical Industry Department and Guangdong Electric Power Industry Bureau, as well as the China Compulsory Certification by China Quality Certification Centre.

The Company boasts a team of highly-skilled professionals and management staff. The production factory spans 3,000 m2 and it is equipped with all types of advanced production equipment, including meters, gauges, labs, testing platform, numerical control press, numerical control angle bender, normal punch press, digital display shearing machine, argon arc welder, CO2 gas-shielded welding machine, spot-welder, stud welding machine, and riveting machine. The Company’s development is based on quality, efficiency and innovation. For years, the leaders of the Company have been working towards modernisation of enterprise management, standardisation of business services, and strategic brand development to to deliver first class services to its customers, provide professional trainings to its staff and build a world class business enterprise. The Company has a business philosophy – putting customers first and producing quality product. This has led them to become the leading Company within the industry and has received good reviews from their customers.

Its high-voltage and low-voltage products mainly include YBM-12, KYN28A-24, XGN15-12, GCK, GCL, GCS, MNS, GGD, PGL, YDS, BFC, etc.; Lighting devices and power distributors include XL-21, XLM-1, JXF, XLW, XM, etc.; XQJ cable bridge series, metal raceways, control cabinets for smart constant voltage pumps, fan control cabinets, etc. Metal plate products include various high-voltage and low-voltage distributors, frames of switch boxes, standard or non-standard structural components, computer cases, equipment cabinets, shells for frequency converters, shells for internet equipment, shells for large machine tools, etc.

Most of the Company’s products are supplied to power distribution and supply systems in power plants, transformers, the petroleum industry, chemical engineering, city power grid, rural power grid, high-rise buildings, industrial parks, pump stations and water conservancy projects.

Shenzhen ChinaRii Electricity Technology Co., Ltd. upholds the core value of “unity, honesty, innovation and high efficiency” to continuously discover, research on and produce a large varierty of modern products to meet the ever-growing market needs. The Company sincerely welcome all customers, new or regular, to offer suggestions and establish cooperation in the making of a brighter future!

Xinzhonglong Hardware

Shenzhen Xinzhonglong Hardware Co., Ltd. is one of the subsidiaries of Shenzhen ZRPZ Group. It is located at Bao’an District of Shenzhen City within the beautiful Pearl River Delta Metropolitan Region. The Company’s products mainly include engineering tools such as water-stop bolts, three-section water-stop screws, new water-stop screws, wall bolts, bolts and screws of different sizes, BBJ fasteners, snap joints, stop levers, steel joint sleeves, straight fasteners, cross fasteners, rotating fasteners, etc.

Xinzhonglong Hardware has a business philosophy of “Steady Company Growth, Customer First, Honest & Friendly Services, Explore New Opportunities”. In this context, the Company adopts development strategy of building the brand locally, developing its target market to include the whole of China while aiming to expand its business opportunities into the global market and product policy of “Good Quality, High Standard, Affordable Price”. The Company strives to become one of the leading companies in this industry through continuous research and development of new products and technologies. In recent years, it has managed to build a good brand trust and customer loyalty through its wide array of quality products at an affordable price and excellent customer service.

After years of research and development, Xinzhonglong Hardware invented a unique three-section water-stop screw that is energy-saving and environmental-friendly. The product is preferred by construction companies across the nation because it has good fastening performance, can be easily dismantled and the outer screw can be recycled with a full refund, thus, reducing the cost of the product.

Lvqu Internet

Invested by Shenzhen ZRPZ Group, Shenzhen Lvqu Internet Technology Co., Ltd. is the first exclusive interaction platform that serves the owners of luxury homes in China. The Company focuses on integrating the best resources from the world to offer VIP customer experience for its clients.

Through its online platform that promotes social interaction and its offline activities, Lvqu has created an environment that is exclusive for its clients to interact with each other. By creating a healthy online ecosystem that promotes quality social interaction and optimise the value of the whole neighbourhood, Lvqu enables its clients to build up and expand elite social network and tap into its resources.

List of clients:

Portofino Chunshuian, Jade Coast, Sea World Shuangxi, Mangrove West Coast, CR Shenzhen Bay Yuefu, Longyufu, Upper Hills, Shuixie Garden, One Shenzhen Bay, Swan Castle, Xiwan Tianfu, Xiangmi Lake No. 1, Xiyuan, Xiangyu Central, Shuixie Mount, Unicenter Jiuyu, Zhongxin Mangrove, and Zhaohua Xicheng.